Mutts Across America

Recipients by year:
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2018 Recipients

Shelter State
Greater Birmingham Humane Society Alabama
Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary Alaska
The Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA Arizona
Little Rock Animal Village Arkansas
Ventura County Animal Services California
Foothills Animal Shelter Colorado
Animal Rescue Foundation Connecticut
Senior Dog Haven Delaware
Gulf Coast Humane Society Florida
LifeLine Animal Project Georgia
Maui Humane Society Hawaii
MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter Idaho
The Anti-Cruelty Society Illinois
Helping Paws Animal Shelter Illinois
Humane Society for Hamilton County Indiana
Humane Society of Indianapolis Indiana
Pet Refuge, Inc. Indiana
Animal Rescue League of Iowa Iowa
KC Pet Project Kansas
Mary Hall Ruddiman Canine Shelter Kentucky
Animal Rescue New Orleans Louisiana
Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland Maine
Baywater Animal Rescue Maryland
Buddy Dog Humane Society Massachusetts
Harbor Humane Society Michigan
The Babinski Foundation Minnesota
Mississippi Animal Rescue League Mississippi
Dogwood Animal Shelter Missouri
The Lewis and Clark Humane Society Montana
Kearney Area Animal Shelter Nebraska
Pet Network Nevada
Manchester Animal Shelter New Hampshire
Special Needs K9 New Jersey
Animal Welfare Association New Jersey
Watermelon Mountain Ranch New Mexico
Sean Casey Animal Rescue New York
Rainbow Animal Rescue NC North Carolina
Central Dakota Humane Society North Dakota
Tulsa Humane Society Oklahoma
The Pixie Project Oregon
Hillside SPCA Pennsylvania
Second Chance Animal Rescue Puerto Rico
Stand Up For Animals Rhode Island
Charleston Animal Society South Carolina
Western Hills Humane Society South Dakota
The Humane Educational Society Tennessee
Nashville Humane Society Tennessee
The McKamey Animal Center Tennessee
Highland Lakes SPCA Texas
Crossfire Equine Rescue Texas
Houston Humane Society Texas
Utah Animal Adoption Center Utah
Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter Vermont
Hope for Life Rescue Virginia
CASA (Camano Animal Shelter Association) Washington
Marion County Humane Society West Virginia
Fox Valley Humane Association Wisconsin
Northwoods Humane Society Wisconsin
Dog and Cat Shelter Wyoming