It Takes Balls
Spay & Neuter Grant

Nashville, Tenn. – In celebration of World Spay Day today, Feb. 27, country music superstar Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation has announced that the It Takes Balls campaign will focus specifically on East Texas, North Texas and the Texas Panhandle this year with plans to open the program to the rest of the Lambert’s home state in 2025. The initiative, which kicked off in 2023, raises awareness for the importance of spay & neuter and offer grants to qualifying low-cost programs.

“We were able to help 50 Tennessee clinics with their spay & neuter programs when we launched the program last year. This year, we want to take it to my home state and start in East Texas, where I was raised,” shares Lambert, adding “I think everyone agrees that spay & neuter is the best way to keep pets out of overcrowded shelters and reduce pet homelessness. And, as I’ve said before, sometimes it literally takes balls to do the right thing. Please spay or neuter your pets.”

Every day, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in the U.S. and, while beloved for their cuteness, there is nothing cute at all about seeing them in overcrowded shelters. Over 3.5 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in animal shelters across the country, often due to lack of space.

MuttNation is inviting low cost spay & neuter programs in East Texas, North Texas and the Texas Panhandle to complete and submit a grant application to help combat this ongoing issue.

Applications are now closed.

Miranda wearing an "It Takes Balls" t-shirt

“It Takes Balls” Shirt

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