Love Harder. Easy to love, harder to get adopted. Miranda with a rescue dog.

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MuttNation is featuring stories of shelter pets that are so easy to love, but have a harder time getting adopted — special dogs with special needs, big black dogs, senior dogs and pit-mixes. If your furry friend fits one of those categories, submit your story below now for the chance to win an autographed one-of-a-kind Miranda Lambert Epiphone guitar!

It’s no secret that these pups are often the easiest to love… so let’s LOVE HARDER this year!

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Thank you to everyone who participated!

Featured Stories

Check out these special dogs and how their paw-rents continue to LOVE HARDER.

Love Harder

These fur babies are all so easy to love, but have a harder time getting adopted.

Pitbull Mixes

Pitbulls are actually some of the most gentle and loyal companions. They love snuggles and can be great with kids!

Senior Dogs

Senior dogs often have calm personalities, need less exercise and are a shorter commitment. They will be so grateful to live out the rest of their days in a loving home!

Wonderful Black Dogs

Color has no influence over a dog’s personality, and black fur hides on clothes and furniture way easier than white fur! These babies are full of just as much love as any other kind of dog.

Dogs With Disabilities

Some dogs that fall under this category are blind dogs, deaf dogs, amputees or those who require daily medication. Dogs are so incredible at adapting, in many cases they’ll get around like any other dog. Dogs with special needs make an extra special bond with you.

MuttNation Foundation thanks Life of Riley at Spring Point for its support of the “Love Harder” campaign.

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